Sell your yacht share form 4

Nearly there....

This short page covers some things that do not really fit in the previous three pages. 

To start with can I just trouble you to agree to the following;-

You agree that: Any material submitted by you is your own, has not been copied off or taken from any other web site without permission (etc.), you agree that may retain it for future use in any way it sees fit and you hand over copyright to any pictures or words.

(Which means in a nutshell we may use YOUR pictures and words to sell other people's shares in years to come if we feel it it still appropriate and up to date)

You agree that that for any changes you wish to make you have to write from the e-mail address yopu have used to place the advert and that you cannot change the e-mail address on it (or phone number), nor can you change any pre-booked weeks I have sent in.

You understand that once a share or PART OF MY SHARE has been sold to re-word the advert will involve a fee along the lines of renewing it even if the sale did not come from the advert on yachtshare. 

You understand that yachtshare will circulate the details of my share around any mailing list ONCE ONLY after the advert goes live on the site and that should you want any subsequent mail shots doing a further fee is payable. (At our discretion we may also post details to social media pages on your behalf).

This will not appear on your advert

If you have any problems please e-mail and tell me EXACTLY what issues you are having; screen shots welcome!

If you think you have already submitted this form go to this page (Opens new tab)