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Advertise you yacht Share for Sale for Free

Please read this page carefully

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A charge of £00 is made to place an advert.

An advert runs for 12 months or until a share is sold.

If you are selling a share in a boat where you employ the services of a management company or your boat is somewhat unusual then a discount for a two year advert is offered, see this page
If you are selling ANY high value or unusual item you could be targeted by people who may try and defraud you. Although unlikely to happen please cast your eye over this page just to acquaint yourself with some of the more common methods of perpetrating such a fraud, so at least you know what a "rat" might smell like!

You, as the vendor, are duty bound to make sure any potential purchaser has the wherewithal to sail the boat you are selling a share in. If any qualifications or specialist knowledge is needed to sail the boat the onus is on you to make sure the purchaser has all that is needed.

You are contacted directly by the potential purchaser, we do NOT vet them.

A few rules....

Once placed the e-mail address on it (or phone number) cannot be changed.

The pre-booked weeks shown can only be altered by way of adding weeks/dates for a subsequent year.

All communication regarding your advert MUST come from the same e-mail address as the one it was placed from.

If you are selling say two shares, or a large share you might also split (say 1/6th or split 2 x 12th) or you are in a fixed week scheme please be aware that if you sell part of your share and request wholesale changes to your advert as a result a further fee is deemed payable as a share has sold.

As a general rule I do not allow comparisons to other boats/shares and "patronising" or "emotional" comments. e.g. "Why hire when this is only...." "This boat stands out as the best shared craft....." etc. 

I will edit, move around or omit any comments I deem as "unsuitable" or in the wrong section and will have final say on any wording.

Your price is the price. I do not place comments up like O.N.O or "Open to Offers" etc. You CAN change your price on the advert later should you wish, you do this by e-mailing me as I personally write (and edit) your advert.

You are buying an ADVERT, not a product. Once your advert is written no refunds are offered FOR ANY REASON. 

Fundamentally ALL adverts should be broadly the same allowing each share an equal opportunity to sell. 

An advert costs £00 for 12 months. Your advert will be removed once it expires or once your share is sold. 

Getting Ready to Start Your Advert

You are asked to work through a series of four forms and a final page about adding pictures and paying for your advert, where one is about you, name address etc., one is about your boat where, if an advert exists already you can skip most of it, one is specific to your share and a final one is about the "legal" stuff, sending me any notes you want and tells you about adding pictures and...the most important thing of all, the final page (mentioned above) is about paying for it! Each form, after you hit submit, just sends me an e-mail of the content. I then extract what you have written for your advert.

Please note I CONSTRUCT YOUR ADVERT not you, you just send me information. I construct the final copy, normally within a day or so, you are then asked to approve it. If there is something is your advert that "looks wrong" I might point this out to you but ultimately you are responsible for the accuracy of the content.

Your advert can have a maximum of 11 pictures. You must own copyright to any you send in and part of the terms is that you pass such copyright over to me. You do not HAVE to send pictures in but your share will stand a much better chance of selling if you do.

If you want to change your advert at all then this can be done by e-mailing me, but only from the e-mail address in the advert itself.

To change anything the best way is to send me the whole section again rather than saying "Can you please note the boat no longer has a winch on the bow" or whatever. Send me the words that are "wrong" and the exact words you want to replace them with, paragraph by paragraph please.

Be Prepared - You will need the following Information

You will need to know your monthly running costs

You will need to know the pre-booked weeks you have got with your share

You will need to know your asking price (!)

You will need to know what qualifications or experience any potential purchaser will need (if any).

(Terms such as "offers" or "O.N.O." are NOT used in the adverts).

Start filling out the forms here